Cricket Betting at Top US-Friendly Sites

The gentleman’s game of cricket offers something to a wide variety of people. Of course the players of the game enjoy this sport for a whole variety of reasons. Cricket also has millions of supporters around the globe, many of them absolutely fanatical about their country’s national team, or otherwise about their favorite player. The sport has produced many heroes for young boys and girls around the world. However, cricket also has a great deal to offer US bettors.

If you are new to the world of online sports betting, you may be amazed that cricket betting is even offered to US bettors. But you will find that at the top US online betting sites that we have listed for bettor’s right here, all of these sites offer cricket betting opportunities. While America is not known around the world in terms of cricket, US bettors are able to wager on matches taking place internationally. This means that all the major encounters in world cricket offer some winning opportunities to all Americans who have bets placed on these games.

Our team has provided links to the best internet betting sites in the USA. By registering on these sites, you will immediately see all the online betting options that are available. The biggest cricket event is obviously the Cricket World Cup, which takes place every 4 years, in a different country every time. This tournament draws all the big international teams, and fans go crazy when this tournament eventually kicks off. US bookies have some great cricket betting options for this incredible event. Some of the easiest and most popular bets are when US bettors wager on which team they reckon will win the tournament overall.

Bettors can bet on the West Indies, on Australia, on England, South Africa or New Zealand. Online bookies offer different odds for every team that might win, and so varying amounts of cash can be won depending on which team you wager. Of course there are a variety of other cricket betting options available. US bettors can bet on which team will win a specific match. You might want to bet on which player will score the most runs, or take the most wickets. Then there are some more specific betting options, like wagering on a player scoring a century, or taking a 5 wicket haul. These events are slightly rarer, and because the bets are a little more risky, winning a bet like this can result in some seriously big winnings.

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Win Some Cash with Cricket Betting USA

If you are looking for something new, try cricket betting at the best US online betting sites that we have listed for you right here. Whether you know all the rules of the game, or if you just want to learn as you go along, there are some great cricket betting options available for professional and amateur bettors alike. Wager on your favorite player, or on which team you think will get their hands on the trophy. Every bet does stand a chance of winning, so place a wager and you could win some major cash.