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People have wagered on horses since time immemorial, and this great tradition remains strong today. Bettors in the US have bet money at race courses, at bookies, among friends, over the phone, and, now, over the internet. While the most commonly placed bet is the straight and simple Win bets, horse race betting at top online sportsbooks offers many more options that could win massive payouts.

Bettors will find Horse racing tips that can help guide them to placing winning bets at these great sites. These tips, which take factors such as horses’ past performance and track conditions into account, are a great way to make the most of betting at your convenience, using a PC or laptop with an active internet connection. These online sportsbooks also have mobile sites, easily accessed by smart phones, and apps for devices such as iPhone and Android sports betting.

Successful bettors know that, when it comes to horse racing, there are a number of variables that could influence horses’ performances. It’s important to be familiar with at least some of these variables, even when considering betting on horses tipped to win.

The huge selection of races at these great US betting sites could tempt bettors to bet on as many as possible, but one of the most important Horse racing tips is to choose the races you bet on carefully.

This enables you to place significant bets on races that look promising, especially when your bet is an exotic one. If you would prefer to keep betting simple, there are a range of betting options to choose, among which are Win bets, Place bets, Doubles, Quinellas, and Exactas.

An often underrated factor bettors in the US should consider before placing bets on horses are the conditions of the track. This is important because some horses run better on turf, while others run better on a dirt track. Whether the track is wet or dry can also influence how horses perform on it.

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Great Horse Betting Sports Tips

Horse racing tips for taking track conditions into account include checking the conditions, displayed by most online sportsbooks, before each race, and researching horses’ performances on wet and dry tracks.

Before placing bets on horses, bettors should check whether the horses have dropped in class or not. A sharp drop in class could be an indication of a problem. Class drop examples include Graded Stakes to Claiming or Allowance, and Maiden Special Weight to cheap Maiden Claiming.

Bettors who take note of the helpful Horse racing tips available at top online sportbooks should find it easier to make the most of the available betting options, increasing their chances of laying claim to a payout.

The more simple bets include Win bets, placed on horses to win the race; Place bets, placed on horses to finish second, third, or fourth; and Each Way bets, a combination of Place and Win bets.

Among the exotic bets are Exacta, placed on horses to finish, in order, first and second; Quinella, placed on horses to finish first and second, in no order; Trifecta, placed on horses to finish first, second, and third, in order; Trebles, placed on three different races for the win; and Parlay, placed on horses to win in a series of races.

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Use the Horse racing tips available at top US online sports betting to place bets on local and international races that could bring you a fortune now.