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Who would have believed that rugby betting would have taken off in the USA in such a big way. But if you look at all the top US online sportsbetting sites, you will see that this type of betting is now offered by all these bookies. Our team has provided links to these sites, making it easy for newbie bettors to know where to get started. US bettors are able to wager on local fixtures taking place within American borders. However, the great thing is that there are also opportunities to wager on big international fixtures or rugby tournaments that attract all the big rugby playing nations. Of course there are some famous rivalries, like when England takes on Scotland or Wales, or when the Wallabies face up against the All Blacks.

These big matches don’t take place all that often, but when they do, they attract fans from over the world. Sevens rugby has also started becoming more and more popular around the globe, with teams playing against each other on a far more regular basis. These tournaments provide some great rugby betting opportunities for US bettors. Because the matches are more regular, it becomes slightly easier to predict outcomes or to pick up patterns and averages from when teams do face each other. Bettors love statistics as these can be a valuable resource when trying to place clever bets.

Take a glance at the best online US sports betting sites that are all listed for you here. You will find that these sites all offer rugby betting to US bettors. One of the simplest bets for amateur bettors to place is predicting which team will win a match. If you think that the USA team can pull off a surprise victory against the All Blacks, why not place a wager, and if you are successful you could win some serious cash.

There are a variety of other rugby betting options available. You might want to wager on whether a team will win a match by 7 points or more. There are some great betting options available for predicting which player will score the most points in a match, or more specifically which players will score the most tries. You might feel confident in betting on a certain player to score the winning try. There is always a remote chance that a match might end in a draw, and betting on this eventuality can result is some big winnings if you bet correctly.

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Enjoy Large Payouts with Rugby Betting

If you’ve never tried rugby betting before, give it a go at the finest US online betting sites on offer. Our team has put these sites through their paces, in order to ensure that bettors receive the very best user experience. Great odds are available from online bookies, as well as some fantastic deals and free sports betting. Take a bit of time to look around the sites and find out all that is on offer. If you are a serious rugby fanatic, it might be worth your while to put that knowledge to good use. Place a wager on the next match, and you could win big at the top American online sports betting.